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Cinelli Bootleg Mystic Rats 2012 £559.99 – Save £240

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Cinelli Bootleg Mystic Rats 2012 £559.99 – Save £240

I love single-speed bikes and the Cinelli Bootleg Mystic Rats is certainly an interesting one and a definite bargain. I thought that my Specialized Langster at 8.7 kg was pretty much the lightest single-speed fixie on the market but the Cinelli Bootleg Mystic Rats is half a kilo lighter!  It’s also a true Italian fixie from one of the most loved of Italian bike builders – Cinelli.

The beauty of single speed bikes is their fun and simplicity, but a fixie that’s heavy or with poor quality components can be very hard work in a hilly area.  With a bike as light and well put together as the Cinelli you’ll be able to enjoy the delights of single-speed cycling in even the hilliest areas.  The Cinelli Bootleg Mystic Rats would make an stunning commuter bike as you can dart in and out of traffic quickly and confidently without having to worry about gears.

The flip-flop hub means you can choose between a fixed gear and a freewheel.  A fixed gear is great for an urban environment as you can change speed with your legs, stop without putting your feet down, cycle backwards….. The freewheel is perfect if you’re wanting to take it easy and coast along those gently country lanes.  What you always find with a single-speed bike, whether fixed or free, is that you develop far stronger leg muscles as you carry your speed and cadence into hills.

Great for training, great for commuting and a great price – the Cinelli Bootleg Mystic Rats is a real bike sale bargain at £559.99 on offer here at Wiggle.

I had to just post this snippet from Wiggle about the Cinelli bootleg brand as it made me chuckle….

Bootleg is a unique bicycle. You cannot buy it only with money; you must be also well aware of what you are buying. Bootleg is the top race bicycle. It is not everyman’s bicycle; it cannot be mass-produced and sold in large quantities. Bootleg is a ghost bicycle, just like certain airplanes, which are invisible to radars. It is a pirate bicycle, like certain ships, recordings or flags. The black bicycle. The black sheep of the cycle market, a bête noire for competitors, something to be found on the black market at an unknown, yet steadily increasing price. Bootleg bikes are distributed on a limited scale.

So there you go! If you believe this bollocks it will be even more of a bargain as it will appreciate in value…. Not sure about that but it will give you certainly won’t have seen hundreds of them on your way to work this morning – you will stand out from the crowd on a Cinelli Bootleg Mystic Rats.

Cinelli Bootleg Mystic Rats 2012 £559.99 – Save £240

How Much?

£559.59 – a saving of £240 from an RRP of £799.99

What Sizes?

Loads of different sizes in white. You can get the 2013 model in black but you’ll be paying full price.

You won’t want this bike if…

You’re choosing the perfect cycle for a special ops stealth mission

You will want this bike if…

You love fast, fun, simple, reliable, stylish Italian single speed bikes.

Where From?

Available from that excellent online cycle retailer Wiggle:

Wiggle – Cinelli Bootleg Mystic Rats 2012

Cinelli Bootleg Mystic Rats Reviews:

Check out the 2 five-star reviews on wiggle (one’s in french but you’ll get the gist of it):

Cinelli Bootleg Mystic Rats Reviews on Wiggle

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