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Colnago CX-1 Evo 2012 Di2 Complete Bike £2999.97 – Save £2000

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Colnago CX-1 Evo 2012 Di2 Complete Bike - Save £2000

Colnago CX-1 Evo 2012 Di2 Complete Bike – Save £2000

Almost £3000 for any bike is a lot of money, but the Colnago CX-1 Evo isn’t just any bike but a beautiful proven racing machine with stage victories at the Giro d’Italia and Tour de France.  A word of warning though.  If you buy a Colnago CX-1 Evo, your days of blaming your bike for any dips in performance are over!

Colnago worked with Ferrari on the original carbon fibre bike frames, so nobody has greater experience than Colnago in designing and building light, high-quality carbon frames.  All carbon frames are not the same, and with the Colnago CX-1, you’re looking at a frame alone that retails for £2500.  If you shop around you can find the CX-1 frame discounted to around £2000 but that’s as good as it gets.

No compromises made by this Colnago CX-1 build with the group-set either. The electronic shifting of Ultegra Di2 has taken the cycling world by storm with fast, reliable changes even when the drive-train is under heavy load.  It seems that everyone wants electronic shifting, but with an RRP of £1700 it’s not in everyone’s reach financially.  When you see a bike like the Colnago CX-1 Evo with Di2 shifting for under £3000 and you realise that, even discounted, you can’t source the frame and gears for this amount of money……  Well the Colnago CX-1 Evo looks like a veritable Bike Sale Blog Bargain.

The Colnago CX-1 Evo Di2 is an excellent £5000 bike at £3000.  If this is your price point then it makes a huge amount of sense and you really shouldn’t miss this opportunity.  The £3000 deal is on the white, but Wiggle also have the black if the colour is worth an extra £500!

Wiggle | Colnago CX-1 Evo (White) Ultegra Di2 2012 Road Bikes

How Much?

£2999.97 – a saving of £1999.98 from an RRP of £4999.95.

What Sizes?

Loads of different sizes in both colour schemes at the time of posting this.

You won’t want this bike if…

You need your bike to provide you with an excuse…

You will want this bike if…

You are serious about a fast, comfortable, beautiful race-ready cycle.

Where From?

Available from that excellent online cycle retailer Wiggle:

Wiggle | Colnago CX-1 Evo (White) Ultegra Di2 2012 Road Bikes

Colnag0 CX-1 Evo 2012 Reviews:

There’s a discussion thread on Cycling Weekly where Stu is considering this exact deal.  Initially ‘Buzz’ is concerned that the deal is so good that Stu might be about to buy a fake! When Stu explains that the deal is from Wiggle the advice is a resounding ‘go for it’, and Stu does!

Lots of positive enthusiast opinions on the CX-1 at RoadBikeReviews:

And more from RoadBikeReviews with 4.5 stars average reader rating:

Don’t spend too long reading review – at this price the CX-1 deals won’t last long!


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