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Felt F95 Road Bike 2012 £487.49 – Save £162.50

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Felt F95 2012 - Save £162.50

Felt F95 2012 – Save £162.50

The Felt F95 is the entry level road bike for this prestigious American bike company.  When I think ‘entry level’ I always assume a bike will be heavy, slow, or badly finished but the Felt F95 is none of these things. “Strong. Light. Cheap. Pick Two.”  was a famous aphorism of famous cycle engineer Keith Bontrager, but he hadn’t been seen this deal on the Felt F95 at under £500!

Strong – The Felt F95 has a beautifully finished custom 6061 F-light butted smooth welded aluminium frame.  6061 aluminium has a lengthy history of providing strong and reliable bike frames, as have Felt.

Light – The Felt F95 frame weighs less than 1.4 kilos and the whole bike weight is around the 9 kilo mark. If you look at most bikes at under £750 you’ll notice that many complete bikes are 1 kilo heavier than the Felt F95 and most are nearer 2 kilo’s heavier.  If you live in Holland you probably won’t notice the difference but if you’re keen on getting up hills fast, this kind of weight difference will certainly be noticeable.

Cheap – I know you can get a cheaper bike from your local supermarket but, even at full price, the Felt F95 is a bargain for a road bike of this quality. At under £500 it’s ridiculously cheap, but it certainly doesn’t look it!

I’ve had a Felt F95 myself and only sold it because it was slightly too small for me.  I was astounded by the way the bike looked and the quality of the finishing and the paint job.  The pictures you see on the internet really don’t so this bike justice.  If you get the chance to have a look at one in the flesh then you’ll see what I mean.

There were also some other great touches about the bike.  One think you can do is to ‘trim’ the front dérailleur from the micro-switch levers to remove chain rub when using the smallest rear cogs with the small front cog.  This kind of attention to detail is what makes the Felt F95 such an impressive entry level road bike.  Felt obviously know that once they’ve got you, you’ll want to continue buying their bikes for the rest of your life!

Wiggle | Felt F95 2012 Road Bikes

How Much?

£487.49 – a saving of £162.50 from a very reasonable RRP of £649.99

What Sizes?

Loads of different sizes in both colour schemes at the time of posting this.

You won’t want this bike if…

You are looking for a soft and steady bike.  This is light and fast.

You will want this bike if…

Speed and quality are important to you.

Where From?

Available from that excellent online cycle retailer Wiggle:

Wiggle | Felt F95 2012 Road Bikes

Felt F95 2012 Reviews:

There’s a 5 Star customer review on Wiggle:

Wiggle | Felt F95 2012 Reviews

The excellent Tredz website has an excellent review of exactly this model:

Tredz Felt F95 2012 Review

Even a video review on YouTube:

Felt F95 2012 Video Review

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