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Felt F4130 Shimano 105 2012 – Save £480

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Felt F4130 Shimano 105 2012 - Save £480

Felt F4130 Shimano 105 2012 - Save £480

Wiggle | Felt F4130 Shimano 105 2012 Road Bikes

I know I’m always finding steel framed road bikes (because I love them) but this Felt F4130 is an absolute beauty.  It’s not just the gorgeous 4130 cromoly tubing frame, although it’s fabulous, but the incredible specification of the components.  Make no mistake, the Felt F4130 is fantastic value at full price, but at a little over £700 it’s ridiculous.  Try finding any sub-£1000 bike with Shimano 105 drive-train and you’re already looking at compromises elsewhere.  I’ve been looking for compromises on the Felt F4130 and I’m really struggling to find any.  It has a performance carbon fork, 105 front and rear derailleur, and most amazingly of all – a BB30 bottom bracket!

Now, I will be honest here, I’m not entirely sure what a BB30 bottom bracket is but I know it’s a relatively new design of bracket found mostly on performance bike costing the thick end of £2000.  It is absolutely clear that the Felt F4130 is built for light-weight speed and performance.  You know it’s going to fly!  Fast and classy, but far more repairable than a carbon bike, far cheaper than a carbon bike, far less nickable than a carbon bike, far more comfortable than an aluminium bike….  and you wonder why you see so many steel bikes on these pages.  Not many like the Felt F4130 though.

I’ll stop going on about it now.

I’m off to the garage to clean up my three current bikes so I can sell them all and buy one of these.  Not joking.  Save a 56 cm one for me.

How Much?

£719.40 – reduced from £1199 – not sure why Wiggle are doing it.  Maybe they’ve got lots. Hope so.

What Sizes?

All sizes seem to be available at the time of writing.

You won’t want this bike if…

You already have a dozen beautiful, fast, well specified steel road bikes….  and no room to squeeze in just one more.

You will want this bike if…

You appreciate beauty, style, quality and speed.  Felt road bikes are always fast.

Where From?

Available from Wiggle:

Wiggle | Felt F4130 Shimano 105 2012 Road Bikes

Any Reviews:

Not many as this is a relatively new bike, but this owner review at Wiggle seems to sum it up:

Customer review of Felt F4130

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