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Specialized Langster 2011 Bike Sale – Save £150

Posted on January 25, 2012 | in Road Bikes, Single / Fixed | by
Specialized Langster 2011 Bike Sale - Save £150

Specialized Langster 2011 Bike Sale - Save £150

I’ve got a Specialized Langster (the 2008 model) and it’s been a fantastic bike.  I’ve used the Specialized Langster for year-round commuting, the coast-to-coast trip, a 100 mile daily ride from Lancaster to York and a hill climb.  I won’t say it’s always been the perfect bike in all of these circumstances but it’s always fantastic fun! The Specialized Langster is a single speed or fixed bike on a lightweight alluminium road frame and is surely one of the lightest bikes this side of £1000. The lightness of the Specialized Langster makes it a perfect introduction to single speed cycling as you’ll fly up hills you’d otherwise crawl up – even without the luxury of gears.  I currently use my Langster to commute in the summer and a Ridgeback Voyage to do the same trip in the winter.  The Specialized Langster is 10 % faster that the 24 gear touring bike and 10 times more enjoyable. I got mine in a sale for about £350 and it’s definitely the best bike bargain I’ve ever owned.  The Specialized Langster is available in both steel and alluminium frame guises and both have 30 % off at the moment. Can’t believe that this 2011 model is being discounted so heavily and is available in most sized (steel version only available in large frame). This is a pretty special bike sale:

Specialized Langster 2011 Road Bike 30% DISCOUNT !!!! – £349.3

How Much?

£349.30 – reduced from £499 – that’s a 30% saving on an already very reasonably priced bike.

What Sizes?

Most frame sizes are still available.

Where from?

The Specialized Langster is available in the bike sale at:

Any Reviews?

You can take my word for it – this is a fantastic bike but if you want other opinions I’ve found some for you.

How about the long-term test at Bike Radar (4.5 stars and 5 star reader reviews):

10 customer reviews of the 2011 Specialized Langster on Evans Cycles with an average 5 star rating:

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