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PK Ripper Fixed 2010 Special Edition Bike Sale – Save £400

Posted on January 24, 2012 | in All Bikes, Single / Fixed | by
PK Ripper Fixed 2010 Special Edition Bike Sale - Save £400

PK Ripper Fixed 2010 Special Edition Bike Sale - Save £400

I first saw an advert for the PK Ripper Fixed in ‘Bicycle Buyer’ back in the summer of 2010.  It looked fantastic, and one of the most exciting fixed gear bike I  had seen.  A special edition in orange with just 1500 units worldwide, the PK Ripper Fixed was a dream fixed gear bike but with price tag to match. A fixed gear bike at under 10 kilos, the PK Ripper Fixed will provide you with everything from a striking, low maintenance commuter, winter trainer, right through to a stunt riders street machine. A fixed gear allows you to cycle backwards, stop without using your brakes and generally cycle in a manner you wouldn’t have dreamed was possible.  The lack of gears is also a great way to train and condition your legs, and is surprisingly easy to get to get the hang of and get yourself up even the steepest hills.  I cycled the coast-to-coast on a fixed gear bike without ever pushing (but with quite a bit of stopping and weaving!) so trust me on this.  This 2010 PK Ripper Fixed represents a fantastic bike sale moment!

SE DC x PK Fixed 2010 | Buy Online |

How Much?

£449 – reduced from £849.  Looks like it could be a collectors item and can’t even find it available elsewhere.

What Sizes?

55 cm frame which is at the top of the spectrum of frame sizes on this bike.

Where from?

Being sold at this wonderful price by

Why wouldn’t I want it?

You like and understated bike that will help you to remain inconspicuous.  You also enjoy the luxury of being able to change gear when the going gets tough.

Why would I want it?

You appreciate (or are keen to appreciate) the zen like wonders of fixed gear cycling.  The lure of a beautifully made special edition bike with wonderful components is too good to resist. And you quite like the colour orange.

Any Reviews?

The PK Ripper name is revered in the BMX market with good reason. Check out this review of the PK Ripper Fixed 2010:

Or how about this on:

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