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Charge Duster 2011 Mid Bike Sale – Save £480

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Charge Duster 2011 Mid Bike Sale - Save £480

Wow! Posted this back in January when Evans cycles had a couple of these but they sold out quickly, but now they’re back!  A guy in our office bought on the first time around and it’s and incredibly light and attractive (if rather brightly coloured) steel mountain bike.  It was a bargain before at £799 but now Wiggle are offering it at £719.  They must be mad.  This was my assessment 1st time around and I love the bike even more having seen one in the flesh. The extra £80 off the January price makes the Charge Duster mid 2011 even more appealing.

Got to go to work now so will write some more on this later, but such a good sale price on this beautiful Charge Duster 2011 that I had to post it immediately!  The Charge Duster is a wonderful steel mountain bike at an unbelievable price.

OK – I’ve got a bit more time now to talk about the Charge Duster.  Charge are a British company who have recently been producing some fantastic steel bikes.  Probably their most famous is the Charge Plug which is a single speed road bike, but they’ve also been producing mountain bikes and urban bikes. A workmate of mine has a Charge Juicer which is a beautiful steel framed road bike with a lovely black steel frame.

Now why would you want a steel framed mountain bike when everyone has alluminium or carbon fibre?  You may have noticed that the Charge Duster isn’t the first steel framed mountain bike I’ve championed on Bike Sale Blog as I’ve also fallen in love with the Commencal Ramones Crmo steel bike. Am I just an old fashioned romantic? Well yes and no. When I look at the skinny steel tubing on the frame of the Charge Duster it certainly pleases my heart more than any alloy or carbon fiber frame, but there are practical reasons that steel please the head as well as the heart- it also please the bottom and the wrists!  Steel frames are more compliant than alloy and will offer a greater amount of comfort on lengthy rides than alluminium.  They also have a wonderful spring to them that makes them feel alive. If you’ve saved up you hard earned cash for carbon fiber, but are planning on doing some hard riding, you should consider that steel is less brittle and easier to repair than carbon fiber in the event of you taking a tumble.  The Charge Duster will please the eye and the heart.

Check out the views of someone says it’s the best bike they’ve ever owned:

And then pick one up form Wiggle at the stupid price of £719:

Charge Duster Mid 2011 Mountain Bike | Wiggle


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